Volume Manager


Volume Manager is a program that allows you to archive your Volumes (CDs ;)) so that you can search for cd and file names without having to insert each and everyone into your PC every time.

It creates an index of all files in a database, and associates File - Folder - Volume - Collection
(there also is a "Media File" module in the works. It does work already, however it's still ugly to use)

For this, Volume Manager uses PostgreSQL, PHP4, Python.



First, install the database.

Then, copy the volmgr frontend program source to your comp, and customize dblogin.inc.php.

To run the frontend, run volmgr.php

Extract the volmgr-wwwpy module to your Webserver. Enable the ExecCGI option for that directory and AddHandler cgi-script .py and customize mydb.py


Q: Are there any FAQ entries yet?
A: No...

Q: Can I submit FAQ entries?
A: You can propose something and it will most probably be accepted *grins*


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